Surprise! It’s a portrait – Day 245

I can now share the commissioned ‘surprise’ portrait with you!

Not too long into my 365 day journey my friend Deb contacted me and asked if I would consider spending some of my days on a portrait of her four year old daughter. It was to be a surprise for her husband John.

I have done a couple portraits in the past but I’ve found people are very difficult to paint. It’s sometimes hard to capture someone’s personality, especially if you don’t know them and are working from a photograph. Although I was reluctant, I agreed to do it since this year is all about challenging myself and doing things that are out of my comfort zone.

I finished the painting last week and contacted Deb to arrange delivery. She invited me to lunch today so I could present it to John. I was really nervous about it…..what if they didn’t like it? What if it didn’t look like Abigail? Although Deb commissioned me to do it she hadn’t seen it yet so it was pretty stressful for me waiting to see their reaction.

Luckily, they both loved it. John was speechless (which doesn’t happen often!) and Deb actually teared up. I was so relieved they liked it!



4 thoughts on “Surprise! It’s a portrait – Day 245

  1. Wendy

    After seeing the ‘ongoing’ painting – this finished product is just fantastic. Well done Brenda.
    John & Wendy

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