Taking stock – Day 32

I’m a month into my 365 days of drawing and I’d like to thank you, my blog followers! You keep me accountable and motivate me to keep my commitment to draw or paint each day. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to see what I’m up to and for your comments and encouragement. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

As I’m a month into this year-long challenge, I thought it was time to take stock of where I’m at and provide a status report (of sorts) on my projects.

  • Chairs – This is a 24″x24″ painting on canvas from a photo I took at Cleveland’s House in Muskoka. I am working on the second layer of paint on this…some areas may require a 3rd layer. Original photo / Current Status
  • Split Rail Fence – This is an 18″x24″ painting on canvas from a photo my husband took in
    Dalrymple which is just north of us in Kawartha Lakes. This is extremely detailed and I’m almost finished the first layer of paint. It will require at least 2 layers. Current Status
  • Tied to a Dream – 16″x20″ painting on canvas which was commissioned. The drawing on the canvas is completed, no paint on it yet!
  • Trilliums – A big painting – 24″x36″ from a photo I took in the spring. The drawing on the canvas is in progress. Original Photo / Current Status
  • iPad – I’ve done a number of iPad drawings/paintings using Sketchbook Pro, Inspire Pro, Art Rage and Brushes.
  • I’ve also given myself some Challengesfor this year as well. 


    As far as today goes, I did do a bit of drawing on the Trilliums. Another step forward!

    I’m really pleased what I’ve accomplished so far this year and I look forward to sharing my progress on these projects with you!

2 thoughts on “Taking stock – Day 32

  1. mye1212

    How did you get the commissioned piece?
    I used to work on several things at once, but I found I never finished any of them. So now, I work on one drawing at home, and one at my teachers. I get so much more done that way.

  2. bstonehouse

    So far, my commissions have found me. Usually it’s a friend or family member that asks me to do something, or a friend of a friend or family member has found me and asked me to paint something for them.

    The gallery shows I had in 2011 certainly helped for exposure! The two commissions I currently have are from friends – one is the boat in the water with reflections and the other is a portrait. I’m pretty nervous about that one!

    It’s great that you’ve found a system that works for you. I was pretty scattered with my stuff too until I found a process that I could live with!

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