Art Challenges – Day 29

I spent a couple of hours today working on the Muskoka chairs painting. As I was working I was thinking of all the other ideas I have for paintings and drawings and wondering how the heck I’m going to find the time to get them all done!

I’ve been moving my projects along well but when I made my resolution I also wanted to challenge myself. Since I made my resolution on January 1st, I’ve made my art a priority and this has included looking at other artist’s work, following their blogs and interacting on Twitter and Facebook. Through this, I’ve come up with some things I’d like to do this year art-wise. A bucket list of sorts!

  • Do a large acrylic abstract painting suitable for outdoors. We have an outdoor fireplace on our deck and my husband and I have been looking for the perfect thing to hang above it. I want to create an abstract painting that’s weather resistant to be hung in this space.
  • Paint ‘en plein air’. In other words, I want to take my paint, canvas and easel outdoors and paint the landscape I see. I imagine this will be a summer project!
  • Do a painting only using complementary colours. Complimentary colours are found across from each other on the colour wheel. I would like to do a painting using only these colours – for example, yellow and purple.
  • Take at least one art course this year. It can be for anything except oil painting and for any length of time. I want to try a different medium and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I will most likely add to this as the year goes on but I think this is a good start for now.

Today’s painting was done in the light from my big front window in sunshine for most of the day.


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